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Surmala Music Foundation

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The Inspiration

The Surmala Music Foundation is the culmination of more than 20 years of effort by its founder, Mala Ganguly, to bring the best of North Indian Music performance, education, and cultural experience to North America. From her modest home in Duarte, California, Mala Ganguly has traveled from Hawaii to Alaska, from California to New York, performing as a Virtuoso North Indian Soloist. She has functioned as a Music Director for her own Ragmala Music Ensemble (where she introduced new Ragas) and for innumerable dance ensembles from many ethnic backgrounds. From small informal home concerts to the most prestigious concert halls in the United States, Mala Ganguly has performed as a virtuoso soloist, as well as for intercultural exchanges and fusion music projects. She has given highly acclaimed public performances, performed with the world's most outstanding musicians, taught for legendary Masters, conducted specialized workshops for religious temples as well as for American universities and colleges, and has given performance lecture-demonstrations for beginning music students in California Junior Colleges to students of highly skilled Masters.


Especially close to Mala Ganguly's heart has been the promulgation of her art through the teaching of  students. Students of all ages, both individually and in classes, from varying levels of musical experience and accomplishments, and from many cultural and devotional backgrounds have come to learn from her the inspirational music of North India. Whether talented professionals, members of a local devotional chant groups, vocalists, instrumentalists, popular Western music singers, Indian professionals who perform, college students, music conservatory post-graduates, or young Indian-American children whose parents want to connect them with India’s cultural heritage, Mala Ganguly has touched each one of her many students throughout the years, with her unparalleled expertise, personal love, and dedication to the highest forms of her art. From a Bombay Musical Director to a Poet wanting to perform Ghazals, irrespective of cultural, relgious or socioeconomic background, each student's life has been enhanced by her life-long study and dedication to the finest Indian artistic traditions. Whether a Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi, Telagu, Nepalese, Pakistani, Bengali, Oriya, Ashamia, or American, all have been touched by Malaji's selflessness and excellent artistic direction.


Whether influenced by her own outstanding classical and light North Indian musical training, or by professional performances with outstanding touring artists, Malaji brings a tradition steeped in a rich cultural heritage, personal attention, and expertise obtained from her many years of contact with the finest musicians and educators from the many sub-cultures of India and Western musicians alike. As the great legend Ustad Ali Akbar Khan has stated, "Mala Ganguly is a highly accomplished vocalist as well as a skilled teacher of Indian music, whose work and artistry has received much appreciation from both the Indian and non-Indian communities."

Future of the School , Volunteers & Assistance

With the founding of the Surmala Music Foundation, Mala ji is now in a position to formalize her dedication and teaching experience. In the tradition of the great artists who have gone on before her, her foundation was created to further promote the education of the art forms to which she has dedicated her life. Her dream includes procuring a facility where she can establish formal class sessions, provide for visiting artists to give performances, master classes and private lessons, and have access to a public performance space which would be available for student and professional presentations and performances alike. Malaji has already created a list of outstanding artists who would like to teach at her school. In addition to her own outstanding expertise in North Indian Vocal Music, she would also make available classes and private lessons as needed in Tabla, Violin, Flute, Sitar, Sarod, and Harmonium.

This is a wonderful opportunity to support a truly enriching, life-enhancing, cultural program in its infant stage. All volunteers, educators, supporters are greatly appreciated. Persons with business expertise are encouraged to offer their assistance. Of course, all monetary donations which would help put this foundation on a firm endowment status are greatly appreciated and are tax deductible. Special gratitude to all who have supported Mala Ganguly in the past and who are supporting the future Surmala Music Foundation.

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